I have had 2 inch heels the last few days now and they feel quite natural to me. Should I think about moving up in height?


2 "is a good place to start. I definitely think jumping directly to 4" heels is too much of a difference at once. You can try on some 3 "heels next. Try to walk in them, preferably on a hard surface, not just put on them – drive me crazy when I see that women never even stand in the shoes at shoe stores before they buy them. Pay attention to whether you can straighten your knees as you move your weight from the hind leg to the foreleg as you walk, or if you need to keep a knee bent when you transfer the weight, also pay attention to any discomfort you may feel in your feet and ankle.

Here's an article on how to calculate your physical flexibility when it comes to heels: Are your heels too high for you? – ShoeFitNerd

I highly recommend doing some basic ballet exercises to strengthen your feet and make them consistent over time, not just too little. Heels make your feet much more work and you need to strengthen your foot and leg muscles so that they can handle all the extra work. Watch ballet exercises on YouTube. Tendus, Relevance, Plies, as well as some calf elevations and ankle. Here's a good start-up movie for you:

Ballerinas take class Each. Day. Okay, so pointe shoes are much harder on your feet than heels, but heels are still extra work, and your feet need extra strength. Your reward will be less pain, less risk of foot injuries and a fine, graceful, weightless walk instead of hobbling around in too high heels that your feet can't handle.

ALSO! Just because heels make your feet extra hard does not mean they come to HURT. If your shoes are damaging your feet, don't wear these shoes. It may be that the heel is too high for you, or it may be that the shoe itself is poorly made. I have a lot of articles on my blog about how to tell if your shoes are not well done if you are interested.