Is it good to wear open heels to a formal party in the winter? Is it weird?


I'm also in NYC and, although it's high thirties kind of weather, it's also seriously slushy out there. The walks can be clear, but when you cross the street, you have to navigate through a foot or two of "lovely" mix of semi-melted snow, rock salt and god-know-what, and you definitely don't want it anywhere near your exposed toes. If you're not planning to get there and back by covering it from door to door, open toe shoes are a spectacularly bad idea.

If it is a very formal event and you wear an evening dress that requires strappy shoes, I would bring the sandals and change to them when you get there. If you are planning to wear a dress over your dress during transportation (please tell me that you are!), You need to deal with coat checks anyway. Just bring a big enough tote to put your boots in it and drape the handles over the fur hanger when you hand over your fur.

If the event is not SUPER formal and an LBD would be appropriate, you might re-examine your outfit so you can wear a fantastic, sharp pair of boots or booties with it.