Is it painful to have seven inch heels? If so, why are you wearing them?


I have some 7 "heels … I love heels and only wear heels … all my heels are 5" and higher.

yes, all 7 "heels have platforms .. some are 1" others have thicker … The idea is to reduce the foot's pitch while wearing the high heels … the platforms further add the state and firmness of the high heels and help to prevent any ankle twists.

For all high heels, I prefer and recommend that you get an ankle or other form of ankle grip that would really help avoid ankle swings on rough surfaces.

Is it painful … Yes .. it is painful if you walk a lot or try to run in 7 "heels … Such heels should be reserved for formal and special occasions where you do not have to walk or stand a lot. , then wear shorter heels or boots because dancing wild in such high heels would be painful.

Why do I wear them … coz they look great .. they add so much height and stature to my otherwise wider body and it helps me to remove the attention from my wide shoulders to my longer legs.