My younger sister is taller than me on high heels. What should I do as a boy?


My nephew stopped growing in his teenagers and started again about 20 years old. You can still grow quite higher naturally, in nature's time.

That said, it depends on how you live. Here in the United States, especially in Texas, many women are very tall and still date or marry men who are shorter. I guess a big part of your concern is about meeting?

There are always exceptions for everything, especially when it comes to enjoying people. Or love them. Be the best, most sincere, most YOU person you can be and the people who appreciate your good qualities will not care if you are short of your entire life.

If you focus on being your own best self, you will radiate the confidence that makes people ignore something like height. Seriously, Tom Cruise is quite an example for an American. His other pluses balance.

Believe that you are perfect as your God did you. If you do not believe in God, only know that nature itself is not a fool.