What is the psychological appeal of high heels?


This means that your legs look further out, make the tip at a different angle and you go with another slightly sexier port. Use what you feel comfortable with. I love high heels but had foot surgery and could not for nearly 2 years. (The injured) I found nice short sandals, but for me I could not find closed shoes that I like for dressing. In the summer I felt sexy. It is an inner feeling for me. Not to fetch men. My 5 "2" legs look better and not as stubbly. But that's all you know. Don't make fashion decisions about what everyone else wears if you're not comfortable. It's not sexy to see a woman go uncomfortable in high heels Sneakers with a dress for work If you are not in a big city and go long distances to and from work and have a pair of shoes that are suitable in the office Sneakers with dress for work Cute little sneakers with cute dress to run errands with kids, partying out, things just not athletic good looking sneakers.Hope I answered questions about all kinds of shoes to show you high heels is not something you have to wear unless you just like them