What kind of heels should a pluz


I prefer to go with a wedge platform instead of the stiletto heels or heel heel. I just don't trust the little shaft to keep me, no matter how small the heel is … LoL

Chunky heels, box shoes and wedges are more modern now and they are a good choice.

You will find a large selection of heels in different heights that fit all weights and dimensions. There are companies that come out with a reinforced sieve and a shaft that can support more weight to be forward with size acceptance motion. There are also more men who wear heels and the industry is required to fit the wider foot.

I love the look of strappy heels, but I don't find them working for me.

Whatever you choose, make sure you can walk in the heels and not have pressure points on your feet. Practice walking around in them and see how they feel differently during the day. Most people do not wear heels because of comfort. They wear them because they look good.