What should I do to learn to walk on high heels?


First: Why do you want? If you have not heard, read or have known people who are very much against having high heels, you and their reasoning and objections will have a little more to consider. But usually, these people have never had high heels or they only have long enough to experience the bad effects of improper preparation. To wear high heels, a person needs conditioning, familiar, and comfortable shoes of good quality that fit properly. The cost of heels does not really determine the quality you need for your feet. Finding the best design or construction for you is more important than the price. Even the best fitting shoes have to get used to how your feet can shape them to really get the most elative feelings and the comfort with high heels gives you back.

As others have said, if you have not worn before, start with a low to mid-height. At this stage, you can become familiar with how the tops assume they fit and feel like they support your feet. They should be stylish, but not frequent. If the shoes feel loose, they will not offer the best support and land the heel while walking can get it off balanced, causing the foot to slide out to the side and damage the ankle when you fall. ok! Once you have mastered a height and the good shoes feel more like extensions of you, raise your heels to the next level, which can be mid-high heels. Most people think the high heels start at 4 inches, but this depends on the size of the shoes. Generally, a size 6 would feel high at 3.5 inches and a size 10 would feel high at 4.5 inches. Take the time to crush them at home, long before you intend to wear them publicly. Use the same procedure to become familiar with this level and these heels. Again, the quality, design, construction and fit of the heels you prefer must go into your decisions. If your pick doesn't seem to work for you, try another brand, styling or even texture. Your highest heels depend on your feet and the ankle's ability to gracefully and comfortably move in them. Although you may have had a couple of high heels some time ago, it is probably a good idea to be re-calcined with them in advance before going to the intended activities.