When will it be normal for boys to have high heels?


Well, it depends where you are. Unfortunately, most places will consider high heels "too feminine" for a boy who is BS. However, there are still some places where no one even looks twice at a boy who has high heels. I have definitely been to both of these places, one that considers it inappropriate, as well as one that high heels on a boy is nothing strange.

The point is, although it may be long before it becomes "normal" for a boy to have high heels, it gets there. Slowly but surely. I will also go out on a limb and not agree with the previous comment on usability just because if it was true then

So, I still don't know if you ask just because your genuinely curious, in any case, good job of raising the police so much, or if you are a boy who wants high heels, if so, go for it because the hate can go on fluff, but it was still fun to answer this question.