Why can’t I have high heels? Even 1


My mom told me a very tough lesson in life when I was maybe 6: Beauty hurts, sucks it up!

Granted I complained about hair brushing, not heels, but the feeling remains the same. Very damaged. You can build a tolerance. You can find heels that best suit your foot type. For example, a stylet will never love a wide foot. You can also find heels with comfortable soles. But you have to learn how to handle the pain to get used to wearing heels.

Sensible women (and most pediatricians) will tell you to avoid heels altogether. There are ways to still look at fashion and professional without heels. Knee high boots with skirts or dresses … apartments with pants. There are alternatives, but to answer your question you just need to find a fragile pair of heels and learn to walk in them.