Why do a ton of women wear heels, when they know it hurts them so much?


It's no secret that heels accentuate your legs and make you longer so it's much easier to kiss your partner. Heels are eye-catching and for many men a leg in high heels is "eye sock". Watch an episode of the candidate. No contestants at the exhibition wear apartments when they are dressed or dressed. Heels are sexy and they use eye candy's six appeal to catch their husband.

Granted, it's a price to pay for wearing heels. I have encountered my share of uncomfortable high heels. What I have learned is comfortable / uncomfortable depends largely on a shoe's balance, which primarily addresses boating support and how the shoe distributes your weight from heel to toe. I have found some extremely uncomfortable high heels that were impossible to enter. Today I shop on my shoes, looking for fit and balance, as well as footwear. It doesn't matter how sexy a heel is if you can't walk in them properly and wear them all evening.

I will admit that I have lost my heel height for daily wear to 2 1/2 inches. Enough lift to curve my leg just right, but extremely easy to wear all day. I have very nice heels in this shorter height.