Why do short girls want to look high by wearing heels, and long girls want to look shorter by wearing apartments?


I think short girls wear heels because of social pressure so that they are not called names like small or children etc … and on the other hand, heels make them long and they come in level with normal group height and do not feel strange.

If senior girls carry apartments because of communication difficulties … they mean if they are tall and wear heels … they become longer and cannot get correct eye contact with their short friends while they talk … and sometimes they get also nick names like towers or giraffes etc.

Now … I'm not that tall and not so short (5 feet and 6 inches) so I wear both … high heels and apartments too. And yes, I also get nicknames … like when I can't reach any height … .. parents and siblings say that you are short and small but when I wear high heels among my short kinsmen they call me the tower etc .. .. Would not care about these … just have it you feel comfortable and safe with.

It's just my view of what I wrote. Thanks.