Woman’s fashion and style: Why are some high


It is the construction of shoes / heels that plays a lot of role. I have learned from the experience that it is very important to try your heels before you buy them. As you have rightly mentioned, I have found that 3 "heels are very unstable and uncomfortable while some of my 7" heels are just a treatment to wear.

I have understood a few points … It is very important that there is sufficient firmness on the foot of the foot … The structure of the holes should be rigid … if the shoe sole / structure has any flex it becomes very uncomfortable. Stand and shape of heels too. Some of the heels that begin just below the foot's heel, but curves inward toward the foot ball (Curve Heels) … are really uncomfortable and difficult to keep balance while walking.

For me … I am looking for 2 things when I buy high heels … 1. It must have platform … about 0.5 "or 2" … but it must have a platform. Second, the heel should not be arched (it should be straight down and touch the ground instead of curved and these straight heels seem to be very stable.