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Living room is the place where we spend considerable amount of time when we are at home. Also, there are people who might just use it as a parlour to meet and greet guests and conduct meetings. Whatever may be the use, it needs to be elegant and be personal enough to make a statement about the owner of the home. Here are some of the ideas which you might find useful in decorating your design living rooms.

Picture it monochromatic:

To all the freaks with obsessive compulsive disorder in everything, design living room with monochromatic patterns is the best way to start it. It gives a neat outlook to the room without any stuffy feeling and makes your space seem larger. Match the monochromatic with the sofa, panels and the arts on the wall. See the change it brings to your décor.

Add a tinge of life:

Many of us know that colors depict life. Add those colors to your design living rooms to make them lively and bright. You can use dark pink to neon shades if you are bold enough or go for the regal purple and red ambers. Accent them with complementary colors and articles to change the perspective of your room.

Go quirky:

We all have that hidden child in us. Get that out and make a personalized statement using quirky furniture designs and artwork on the walls. Design living rooms with some perky designs gives you an outer perspective of thought and lets you be happily relaxing at your home.

Get back to roots:

Combining modernity to antiqueness has become the new fad. Why not design your living rooms in such a fashion! Combine those antique ideas of wooden beams and columns with the modern light furniture to create the elegance.  Place a pot here and there to enhance the antiqueness of the room and get applauded for your different idea.

Sleek and shiny:

If you have an apartment which overlooks a garden or greenery, go for sleek design living room. It helps you enjoy the fruits of nature with minimum furniture and lets you be a part of the modern community of designer homes too. Go with hues of white and black to accentuate your taste.

Symmetry is the word:

When you are in doubt about the selection, go with symmetry, that is to have everything in sets so that the eclecticism will dissolve in itself.

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