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This is a good thing that many people need to know about. It’s estimated that furniture purchases are the third most expensive purchases that many Americans do. It comes as a surprise that many people don’t know how to tell good furniture. We can all agree that many of us buy these things based on looks rather than quality, which is a problem considering how much we spend on them. This is why we always need to replace furniture very often. There are many ways from which we can tell the difference between quality furniture and normal furniture. They are as follows;


  • The tailoring of the furniture

The tailoring of the furniture you’re buying is a definite indicator of the quality of what you’re about to get. The best thing to do would be to check the seams of the furniture and ensure that they are even. Another thing you could do, is to check the piping and that it lines up. Flimsy tailoring will make the furniture look horrible after a few years of use, so only go for the best.

  • The drawers and veneering should be checked

Whatever set of furniture that you’re buying check the drawers and veneering if any, they’ll give you a good idea of what to expect. For starters, you could check how the drawers are hung. Any form of tilt is bad sign. Another thing you could check is the inside of the drawers, quality furniture tends to have a smooth feel on the inside. The veneers should also be inspected and they should match on the corners.

  • The frame and cushions should be inspected

Quality furniture will have a frame made out of kiln-dried hardwood. This ensures that the moisture content is pushed outside of the board. It also ensures that it doesn’t get affected by the moisture content. When it comes to the cushions, the heavier the better as it signifies high quality

  • Consider the quality of the material used to make the furniture

Don’t forget to inquire on what was used to make the furniture. For leather cushions, ensure you go for top grain leather as it’s one of the best. When it comes to wood, some materials are better than others. Be sure to get one made out of plywood if possible as it’s also one of the better qualities.

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