Tips to maintain fine furniture and prolong the life

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We all have elegant fine furniture in our homes and are proud to show our style thru them. It can be wooden or even metallic furniture, we choose it with care keeping every detail of our interest in mind. Just like me you also don’t like when they get scratched and damaged. Just as any other valuable the fine furniture is also very precious to us. It is obvious that you take good care of them and give them proper maintenance, but here are some tips that you can keep in mind to give your furniture more care.

Protect them from harm

It is a necessity to protect them from any kind of harm or damage. The sunlight can affect your furniture, try your best to keep them away from direct sunlight. Life of the furniture will be shortened if exposed to direct sunlight for too long. Also, keep them away from air conditioning vents. Wooden furniture gets damaged more in this way. Make sure they are not exposed to water, never. If you spill something immediately clean it. As fine furniture have excellent polish you may get a permanent stain that cloud be very hard to remove.

Regular maintenance

Even if you clean them regularly but that is not enough for a durable life. The polishing or the color coating can be damaged easily so make sure to use good polishing creams or liquids to make them shinier. You can use a soft cotton cloth to clean the furniture or a soft feather broom can be used to remove dust. When you go away on a vacation or won’t be in your home for a long time make sure you cover the furniture. You can use tablecloths, coasters or placemats but not made of rubber or plastic. Polishing once every six months can even keep the beauty for long.

Avoid and Remove the stains early

To give them a long-lasting beauty it is necessary that you don’t have any white hazy rings or spill stains on them. The best advice would be to avoid them but that is not always possible. You can use a tablecloth to avoid it. If you already have stains then various products are available in the market to remove them immediately. You can also use products available in your homes like using a mixture of baking soda and non-gel toothpaste or other tricks like this.

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