Types of mirrored armoire

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What Is An Armoire?

Armoire came from the old sixteenth century French word ‘armaire’, which means chest.  Its original purpose was to store arms.  Nowadays, it has a more user friendly function.  This piece of furniture is a cabinet (usually having two doors), which has shelves or drawers.  It is used to store items like clothing, jewelry, or accessories.  One well-known variation is the mirrored armoire, which is a storage cabinet that has a large mirror on the outside.  It comes in different designs, colors and finishes, and is usually very ornate.  Some of the popular colors are white, brown, beige, silver and gold.  The materials used are wood, glass, and metal.  It is usually placed in the bedroom.

Jewelry Armoire

The jewelry armoire is a cabinet used to store jewelry items and other accessories.  This trendy furniture piece allows you to arrange and organize your valuable possessions.  Typically, this cabinet has hooks where you can put your necklaces.  It also has shelves and drawers for rings, bracelets and earrings.  You can also store other items such as watches, perfumes, credit cards, even money.  A mirrored armoire is both a decorative and functional piece of furniture.  Use the mirror to see how you look while wearing your jewelries and other fashion accessories.  Now, looking good and being elegant is as easy as opening your stylish armoire.

Wardrobe Armoire   

A wardrobe armoire is a storage cabinet used for storing clothes.  It has a hanging rod for your wardrobes, suits, or dresses.  Organize them according to color, type of clothing, or frequency of use.  The armoire also has shelves for other items of clothing such as shirts, shorts and undergarments.  It also has compartments for socks, handkerchiefs, or towels.  Being neat and organized will help you start your day with a positive attitude.  Use the mirror to see your appearance as you try on your trendy clothes, whether for an ordinary day or for a special occasion.  A mirrored armoire comes in different designs which allow it to blend with the interior design theme of your bedroom.  It is important to choose a color that will complement the walls and surrounding furniture items.  If you want to buy one, surf the internet and browse online furniture stores.  See photos, know the specifications and compare prices.  Read comments, ratings and reviews to guide you in choosing the perfect armoire for your home.

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