What is a settee?

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Do you know what a settee is?  It is a furniture item that is used for sitting and reclining.  Is it the same as a couch or sofa?  These terms are often used to describe the same object.  But if we are to be accurate, there are certain differences among the three of them.  In the United States, the popular word to describe it is couch.  In the United Kingdom, they call it a sofa.  The use of the word settee is not that widespread.  Couch came from the French word couche, which literally means bed.  Although you can sit on a couch, its primary function is for lying down.  Sofa came from the Arabic word suffah, which refers to an upholstered platform that is raised.  The sofa is heavier and has a thick cushion.  Settee comes from the old English word setl, which pertains to a long bench with arms and a high back, but now it is used to refer to a furniture piece that looks like a bench which has arms and upholstered back.

What Are The Characteristics of A Settee?

A settee resembles a bench that has a high upholstered back.  It has two arms; one on each side.  Two persons can sit on it comfortably; it is more slender and upright than the ordinary sofa.  It can be fully upholstered, or have exposed arms and frame.  Aside from the living room, it can be placed at the entrance or bedroom because it is lightweight and does not take too much space.  If you want elegance in your home, you can choose a settee instead of the regular sofa.  People who are interested in antique-looking furniture and those who like historical pieces will surely appreciate the beauty of this furniture piece.  It brings a warm, romantic atmosphere.  The exquisite shape and design will surely add beauty to your home.

Different Types of Settee

The French style has padded arms and upholstered back and seat.  This is probably the most popular settee design.  It is very elegant.  The Chair-back features a backrest which is composed of two or more distinct chair frames, making it appear that they are sharing a common seat.  The Windsor is a long bench with a back and sides that consist of several spindles inserted in holes at the base of the seat.  This is an antique-looking piece of furniture.

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