What to know before buying a 3 piece sectional sofa

There has always been sort of a debate over whether one should use a sectional sofa or a sofa and the other components separately. Be it a 3-piece sectional sofa or any other kind of sectional sofa, there has always been a debate on whether they add to the look of the home or not. There’ll always be pro sofa and pro sectional. We’ll take the side of pro sectional sofa, so here are some of the things that you’ll need to consider before buying a 3-piece sectional sofa

  • Space available

When going for a 3-piece sectional sofa you need to consider the space you have in the room. Is it going to fit the room? Do you have enough space to arrange it the way you like? All this should be thought through as it does make the difference on how it’ll look once placed in the room.

  • The design of the sofa

These sofas come in different designs. They can either be RAF (Right Arm Facing) or LAF (Left Arm Facing) or sometimes both depending on the one you buy. You need to know these things as it will determine how you’re going to arrange the different pieces of the sofa and how to arrange it for optimal usage.

  • Comfortability of the sofa

These sofas if bought from a quality manufacturer are always comfortable, but there’s an extra thing you need to think about in order to ensure its optimally comfortable. The sofa should be arranged in a manner that once can sit on it and still do things like watch TV with no issue. This all has to do with how you’re going to arrange the love seat and all other components in the room.

  • Number of people going to use the sofa

You should only get a 3-piece sectional sofa if you have a high turnaround of people in your house. IF you have many people/ friends visiting you or you have a family, then this sofa is a good option as its roomy enough to accommodate many people at once.


These kinds of sofas are awesome if used right. Before you buy this sofa, get yourself familiar with some of the terminologies such as RAF and LAF and what they mean. Always consider the space and how you’re going to arrange the sofa before you buy it. These two aspects can make quite the difference.

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