Why are futon bed frames very popular

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There are a number of factors that could make people to spend more sleeping time on their sofas as opposed to using their bed. If you notice that this is the case with you, then it might just be time for you to purchase a futon bed. You can place a futon bed in your bedroom or your living room. Furthermore, it can serve you the function of a bed, a love seat as well as a sofa, all at once. All you have to do is stretch the futon bed frames when you want to sleep and then you fold it back when you want to use it as a chair. You can also decide to get pillows on the bed so that there is no difference between using your bed and your futon bed. The popularity of futon beds are the major reasons why the futon frames have also become popular. Here are however the specific reasons why the futon bed and the frames are very popular.


The futon bed frames gives convenience to your futon bed as it makes it easy to convert the chair to the bed and vice versa as well as make it very easy to move the beds around. Futon wall hugger frames are also fitted to some futon beds, which allow the chair to be converted to a bed, without the futon bed changing position. The futon frames therefore add convenience as the bed can easily be handled alone by an individual, without having to reach out to neighbors.

Safety of your walls

Perhaps you just finished carrying out some renovations for your house which included painting your walls and adding new decors. You could have also added some new and clean wall papers. The Futon frame on the bed helps to protect the wall from scratches or from the wall getting bed due to the bed stretching and scratching the walls. The futon frame helps the bed to stretch without touching the walls.


The fact that the futon bed frame helps to convert a chair to a bed and also back to a chair makes it very important in saving space. If you normally have people visiting and you have limited space, you would want something that helps you save space. The futon bed helps to achieve this by serving as a chair during the day and serving as a bed during the night.

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