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Some of you might not be familiar with the term trundle bed. This is a type of bunk bed that is its two beds. The two beds comprise of a twin bed and a slightly smaller bad that’s on rollers. The other bed can be pushed under the twin bed when not in use. This bed isn’t as popular as the other types of bunk beds. Kids trundle beds could be a great accommodation option for your little ones. Before we delve into why they are a great choice, let’s compare the trundle beds Vs Twin Beds

Trundle Beds Vs Twin Beds

There are many types of bunk beds, but let’s focus in these two. The beds are different in many ways, but let’s start on the design. A twin bunk bed mostly comprises of two twin beds, one on top the other. The trundle bed on the other comprises of two beds, one slightly smaller than the other. The other bed can be stored under the larger bed when needed. When it comes to which bed to buy between the two, it mostly depends on preference more than anything. It has to be pointed out that Kids Trundle bed does have a space advantage to its counterpart as its more compact.  There are some reasons as to why you should choose a trundle bed and they are as follows:

Why use a trundle Bed?

  • It saves space

The trundle bed is good for people with small spaces. It can accommodate more people as it uses two beds. The best part is that you can push the bed under the other when not in use.

  • It’s safer

The concern that some parents have about twin bunk beds is the height of the bed. This is because there is the risk of the kid falling from the top bunker or them getting hurt if there’s a fan or if the bed is close to the ceiling. Kids Trundle Beds are safe as their height is low and the other bed can’t be shut with a person inside it.

  • It’s multi-functional

Here’s another advantage of a Trundle bed, it’s multi-functional in its use. You could use the extra bed as storage if not in use. Simply take out the mattress and you have an extra drawer for use whenever you need it.

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